My ears haven’t rung this severely in quite awhile. Guaranteed a HUGE EQ is about to hit.


Feelings of sorrow and grief

OMG, something catastrophic is about to happen. Tonight I was hit with a feeling of sadness that is beyond words. It’s as if I’m feeling tremendous pain and sorrow from other people. I feel numb inside, as though I’m feeling other peoples grief beyond words, like when you are in total shock. I have no idea what it’s going to be, but something horrific is going to happen. Earthquake or terrorist is what I’m feeling the strongest, but not positive. OMG, my heart is breaking. ¬†What in the hell is this going to be?

Earthquake symptoms

I have been having strong heart palpitations today, they started a couple of days ago, but are strong tonight. I had twitching in my right upper eyelid today. I’ve had that electrical feeling in my feet and legs. I just “know” that a large quake will happen any day. I had nausea out of nowhere last night that just disappeared in a couple of minutes, and this morning I had “sea legs” again. It hit me like a wave. All of a sudden I felt like I was walking on an unbalanced surface.