Ugh, here come the cravings

I have to admit, right now I could’ve eaten an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies. Instead, I went to the fridge and got a handful of big, sweet organic raspberries. The craving is now passing. I feel the withdrawals now. I’m almost through day 1. Was doing great until about 4:00, then I felt those nasty little cravings creep on in. Oh my, the addiction of carbs, sighhhhhhhh!


This little piggy had fun today :)

Well, tomorrow is the big day for beginning my low carb lifestyle. I ate to my heart’s content today and tonight. Chowed down on Mexican food, followed by Creme’ Brulee. In awhile I’ll be having amaretto bread pudding, Yumm! Had my fill of candy and potato chips as well. I’m good with it all. These type of foods will be my treat every now and then. I’ll NEVER completely go without eating something that is downright yummy and delicious, life’s toooooo short to do that.