Earthquake warning

I’ve been having such severe ringing in my ears tonight that I started looking up any info about any predictions for earthquakes. I found one that worries me. I had no ringing in my ears until a couple of hours ago and it is BAD. The site I found has a man that says a large quake is going to hit on May 27th 2016. It makes me wonder if that’s why it’s so severe tonight. As I write this the ringing sound is off the charts, I also have a VERY loud wavering sound in my right ear. It almost sounds like a tornado warning siren, just lower pitched.


Major earthquake coming

I have been feeling very unwell, anxiety, headaches, being off balance, major ear tones, very high pitched ear ringing, sadness, unusual body aches, clumsiness, sea legs, tingling in feet and legs, sharp pains in feet, sleep disturbance, unusual dreams, extremely tired like someone just pulled the plug on all of my energy, just wanting to sleep. I guarantee that a major earthquake is going to happen in a matter of days, and it will be in the US, most likely the west coast, Calif. probably, but west coast for sure. Heaven help all the people.

Update : Tonight, 5/10/16, I am having EXTREMELY high pitched ringing in my ears. I’m also having Morse Code sound in my right ear. I lost my balance today when I just slightly bent over. I am craving corn in any form, popcorn, corn chips, corn, etc. I feel lethargic and sort of melancholy.