Earthquake warning

I’ve been having such severe ringing in my ears tonight that I started looking up any info about any predictions for earthquakes. I found one that worries me. I had no ringing in my ears until a couple of hours ago and it is BAD. The site I found has a man that says a large quake is going to hit on May 27th 2016. It makes me wonder if that’s why it’s so severe tonight. As I write this the ringing sound is off the charts, I also have a VERY loud wavering sound in my right ear. It almost sounds like a tornado warning siren, just lower pitched.


Major earthquake coming

I have been feeling very unwell, anxiety, headaches, being off balance, major ear tones, very high pitched ear ringing, sadness, unusual body aches, clumsiness, sea legs, tingling in feet and legs, sharp pains in feet, sleep disturbance, unusual dreams, extremely tired like someone just pulled the plug on all of my energy, just wanting to sleep. I guarantee that a major earthquake is going to happen in a matter of days, and it will be in the US, most likely the west coast, Calif. probably, but west coast for sure. Heaven help all the people.

Update : Tonight, 5/10/16, I am having EXTREMELY high pitched ringing in my ears. I’m also having Morse Code sound in my right ear. I lost my balance today when I just slightly bent over. I am craving corn in any form, popcorn, corn chips, corn, etc. I feel lethargic and sort of melancholy.

Still Feeling Great

I’m really surprised at how different I feel. My energy level stays at a pretty even keel, no matter HOW bad the day might be. My cravings for sweets is 90% gone, I just occasionally want a little sweet treat, like a few chocolate covered almonds, or 1 salted caramel square, and I’m satisfied. Will definitely continue this way of eating, feeling good most of the time is MUCH better than a few seconds of pleasure eating something that’s not good for me and feeling like crap for days.

Feeling Amazing!

Today is my 6th day of eating low carb. There are no words to describe how I feel, well, maybe some. More energy, happier emotionally and mentally, more “stable” feeling. No roller coaster moods. I wake up feeling “alive” instead of draggy and miserable. I’ve already lost 5 lbs and am thrilled. It’s been tough every now and then, but on the whole, my cravings for sweets are pretty much gone. I eat a little fruit and I feel satisfied. I do believe this is one of the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Off to sleepy land!

Results from eating more fruit than usual

Wow, today was tough. I feel very fatigued, which I know is from sugar withdrawal. Eating more fruit than usual definitely affected me, it certainly “cleaned” me out, ugh!

I’m ending day three and I’m not craving carbs as badly now. I’ve already lost water weight and I haven’t counted calories one bit. I’ve just eaten “real” food for the three days, meats, veggies, fruits, some nuts, water. I have to confess though, I ABSOLUTELY will NOT go without some sugar in my morning cup of coffee, that’s my morning routine and I love it.

Ugh, here come the cravings

I have to admit, right now I could’ve eaten an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies. Instead, I went to the fridge and got a handful of big, sweet organic raspberries. The craving is now passing. I feel the withdrawals now. I’m almost through day 1. Was doing great until about 4:00, then I felt those nasty little cravings creep on in. Oh my, the addiction of carbs, sighhhhhhhh!

This little piggy had fun today :)

Well, tomorrow is the big day for beginning my low carb lifestyle. I ate to my heart’s content today and tonight. Chowed down on Mexican food, followed by Creme’ Brulee. In awhile I’ll be having amaretto bread pudding, Yumm! Had my fill of candy and potato chips as well. I’m good with it all. These type of foods will be my treat every now and then. I’ll NEVER completely go without eating something that is downright yummy and delicious, life’s toooooo short to do that.